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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 9, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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insert a nickel and tonight on "world news" -- full force. violent storms on top of a heat wave that had flames melting into the arc fault. baseball stars running for cover. and a dozen cheerleaders tell us how they survived this terrifying collapse. forgotten flyers? a 19-hour nightmare. no air conditioning. no food. and a new video of passengers on the tarmac. flame fighters. a fire breaks out. these people try to use the fire extinguisher and can't. could you? and fear factor. what this man chased by a great white shark is saying tonight. good evening. as we come on the air tonight, it is official.
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the government confirms this is the hottest six months in u.s. history. more than 24,000 heat records broken already this year. and as the heat takes a brief break in parts of the country tonight, storms are sweeping in, toppling buildings. our extreme weather team out in force. and abc's david kerley starts us off. david? >> reporter: in this texas baseball stadium and across the country, the historic heat wave went out with a boom! a boom of lightning. the twins and the rangers battling each other, and the weather here, sending players running not for the ball, but for cover. watch it again. an explosion of storms. one of the strongest in fredericksburg, virginia. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're talking 13-force winds out there right now. >> reporter: in a building that looked like this, 14 competitive cheerleaders were practicing. that building is now a pile of rubble. >> ever been through anything like that?
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>> no, never. it was the scariest thing i've ever seen in my whole entire life ever. >> just think, we were doing handstands on friday. that's gone. >> reporter: what we didn't know was the cheer fusion team which has spent hours in this gym was stunned and panicked as the winds literally ripped apart the building. >> it was really scary, really loud, kids were screaming everywhere. kids didn't know where their parents were. parents didn't know where the kids were. >> reporter: they all ran to the back room, huddling together. trapped inside. with one of the dads, heath mullens, trying to get all the kids in. he didn't make it to the room. and was thrown to the ground, pummeled by falling blocks and steel beams. >> he was hero to all of us. >> reporter: last night's storms, a dramatic end to our 11-day historic heat wave. in which more than 2,500 records were shattered isn't just the past week. asphalt, heated over 100 degrees for several days, melted on the reagan national tarmac. a u.s. air jet just 30 minutes
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at the gate sinks into tire the heat blamed for this man hole in new york city saturday. back in fredericksburg, even though the building collapsed, with its roof flying nearly a football field and slamming into john bettis' house, remarkably, no one here died. >> sounds like a wild ride? >> it was. >> the house lifting up, moving two feet? >> moving two feet. two foot up and then moved over two foot. >> that is john bettis' house in the foreground -- in the background, rather. here at the gym, this is some of the debris from that cinder block that fell on heath mullens, the man being called a hero. he undergoes surgery tonight. the good news, diane, he's in fair condition. >> and the cheerleaders were so young, david. tell me, have they confirmed what brought down the building they were in? >> yeah, we just heard from the weather service a little while ago. it was not a tornado, diane. it was a microburst. which is a very localized downward force of wind during a
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thunderstorm. they say the winds here, 80 miles an hour. >> so even a storm where you don't see a tornado can bring your house down? >> absolutely. very localized. very strong winds. >> all right. thank you, david. i want to bring in abc's weather editor, sam champion. right now, record-breaking heat, sam? >> diane, you said the number at the top of the show, this should get everyone's attention. more than 24,000, almost 25,000 record-high temperatures since we started the year. i've never seen anything like it. and if we stay on this pace, then we will be the warmest year. we're already the warmest six months. let me just remind folks, in the peak of this heat wave, as the area of high pressure just would not break, look at the numbers that were the warmest ever recorded in these areas. from kansas to st. louis, to chicago. even in hill city, kansas. just a little bit outside of kansas city, the 113 to 115-degree range there. as warm as mecca, saudi arabia, rivaling those temperatures. now, half the country is saying it's much better. half the country is. >> so we're rivaling saudi arabia?
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>> with the highs last week, yeah. >> we said it earlier. it's a brief break. how brief? >> well, i think it's maybe a week, maybe two. if we look at what happened now, as the pooling of cool air finally mate its stop to the middle of the country from the great lakes to the mid-south it will drop thompss those temperatures. even in the northeast. in some cases, washington, d.c., 25 degrees cooler. but that warm air will make its return across the country. we are not out of summer yet. and some of the long-range forecasts, diane, have us being in two zone, much above normal, all the way through august, probably making more records again. >> you said it took five years to break these many records? >> yeah. >> sam champion thank you very much. now, we move on for a plea for help from the fbi. the agency today identified four men, all fugitives, each with a $1 million bounty on his head. they are accused in the death of the u.s. border patrol agent. all part of the operation called "fast and furious." the government program that went terribly wrong.
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here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: you are looking at the men the fbi says gunned down border patrol agent brian terry and ignited the controversy known as the fast and furious. >> brian terry was truly an agent's agent. we will not rest until these individuals are brought to justice. >> reporter: the irony is the u.s. government is pulling out all the stops to solve a murder it apparently contributed to by putting guns in the hands of terry's killers. and today we learned much more about how terry died. december 14th, 2010, just after 11:00 p.m., ten miles north of the mexican border in arizona. agent terry and his team are on the lookout for drug runners. an electronic sensor alerts terry someone is coming his way. >> within minutes of that ground sensor being activated, agents observed a group of five armed individuals. >> reporter: the suspects raise their weapons. the agents fire non-lethal bean bags. the suspects open fire with real bullets.
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>> a single bullet shot by one of the subjects struck agent terry. agent terry's agents attempted to administer first aid to him, but unfortunately he died at the scene. >> reporter: it turns out terry had confronted some of the border's most dangerous bandits, criminals who rob drug runners at gunpoint. two assault rifles recovered at the scene were traced back to the atf operation, fast and furious, that had gone horribly wrong. atf had allowed low level gun runners to buy weapons in arizona and smuggle them into mexico in the hopes that it would lead them to the cartel leaders. authorities have been secretly trying to hunt these suspects down in mexico for months. after that failed, they decided to offer a $1 million reward to generate new leads. diane. >> pierre thomas reporting in tonight. and we also have news tonight about that nightmare flight on spirit airlines. supposed to be a simple
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five-hour flight. it took 19 hours. the passengers in the pressure cooker caught the whole thing on tape. and now the faa is investigating. here's abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: a celebration. 14 frustrating hours in the making. >> when we landed, people were like singing hallelujah. literally. >> reporter: discount airline spirit, los angeles to ft. lauderdale, taking off at 10:56 pacific time, but approximately three hours into the flight, or 4:00 in the morning central time, forced to land because a passenger is out of control. >> this man was like touching everybody. he was going to the bathroom, kicking their walls. >> reporter: houston is the closest airport, but spirit doesn't normally fly there. so passengers wait for a gate on the tarmac for nearly two hours. with no air conditioning or comforts. >> we were in that plane for more than an hour, with nothing to drink or eat. >> reporter: finally in the terminal, families, many returning from vacation, just sit and wait. until around 8:00 a.m., the
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pilot announces the crew can no longer legally fly. so passengers will be bussed five hours to dallas where spirit has a plane to take them to florida. >> folks, i hear you. i know you're upset. >> reporter: a plan met with chaos and rebellion. >> we don't want dallas. we are not going to dallas. >> reporter: new plan. a new plane and crew is brought in from florida. but doesn't take off until 3:15 in the afternoon, arriving in ft. lauderdale at 8:00 p.m., 14 hours late. >> it was terrible. it was unreal. it was painful. >> reporter: spirit sent an e-mail to passengers today apologizing and offering refunds and credits for their next flight, which passengers certainly hope will make no unscheduled stops. jim avila, abc news, washington. and now 120 days to go until americans go to the polls. "your voice, your vote." and today, president obama moved
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a big piece of the political chess board. he called on republicans to extend the bush tax cuts for anyone making less than $250,000 a year. but he said let voters decide on tax cuts for the wealthiest americans on election day. >> the fate of the tax cut for the wealthiest americans will be decided by the outcome of the next election. my opponent will fight to keep them in place. i will fight to end them. >> the vote to come. and the battle tonight, a new snapshot of the race. and how much money is pouring into the romney campaign? romney raised a whopping $106 million in the month of june. his best month so far. president obama raised just $71 million in june. and money will make a difference in the key battleground states where the torrent of tv ads is under way. and abc's jon karl decided to put some of them to a fact check for us tonight. >> reporter: for most of us,
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this is what the country looks like. but for the obama and romney campaign, it looks like this. almost all their campaigning in a dozen hotly contested states. and if you follow the money, it really comes down to five states, where the two sides and their allies have already spent over $110 million on stuff like this. >> what a president believes matters. >> reporter: turn on the tv in one of these states, and you'd think the election was next week. a bombardment of political ads, the vast majority brutally negative. >> most of the ads are negative. and at a certain point, people get discouraged. and start feeling like nobody in washington is listening. >> reporter: that's right. over the past month, obama's own campaign has run its ads more than 68,000 times. nearly 80% of them attacking mitt romney. negative and loose with the facts. take this obama ad. >> romney's never stood up to
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china. all he's ever done is send them our jobs. >> reporter: but that's not true. [ buzzer ] romney's former company bain capital may have invested in companies with operations in china, but there is no evidence that they shipped any u.s. jobs there under romney's leadership. and this from the romney campaign. >> mitt romney has a plan to get america working. barack obama, worst job record since the depression. >> reporter: but that's not true. [ buzzer ] on obama's watch, there have been more jobs lost than created. but at this point in george w. bush's first term, even more jobs were lost. accurate or not, you'll see more ads like those, because the campaign, both of them, diane, are convinced their working. >> jon, great to have you reporting in tonight. and coming up here, a living room explodes in flames. the fire extinguisher the only defense. we put some real families to the test and they failed. would you know what to do? [ mosquitoes buzzing ]
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know how to use them. do you? abc's elisabeth leamy is our consumer watchdog. >> reporter: this woman is trying to put out a house fire and she's losing. lucky for her this isn't her home. >> oh, heart pounding a little? >> a little bit! >> reporter: we told a group of homeowners we were doing a story about family fire drills, but it was a trick. really, we wanted to see if they could work a fire extinguisher. >> there's a fire! now! here, take the fire extinguisher! go! go! go! >> reporter: firefighters say many homeowners have fire extinguishers but most don't know how to use them. remember kerry braun? look, it takes her an agonizing 10 seconds to pull the pin on hers. >> i always thought it would be easy to use and it's not as easy as you think. >> reporter: vincette anello has a fire extinguisher at home, but was too far away from the flames for this one to do any good. >> so what did you learn? >> to just get out.
5:47 pm
get out. >> the fire doubles every 60 seconds, so the longer it's delayed, the worse the fire is going to be. >> reporter: enrik reyes got his extinguisher working, but then, right here, took his eyes off the fire, a big no-no, as his wife millie struggled with hers. >> it was kind of stressful, thinking of what is she doing, what am i supposed to do? >> reporter: ideally one person should call 911 while the other mans the fire extinguisher. to use a fire extinguisher correctly, remember the acronym p.a.s.s. >> all right. i'm going to try out the p.a.s.s. method right now. here i go, i'm pulling the pin, aiming, squeezing the trigger, sweeping side to side and sure enough, success. >> reporter: but the best fire extinguisher technique you can learn is when not too use one. if the fire is past the very beginning stages and getting bigger, you should get out while you can. elisabeth leamy, abc news, mahwah, new jersey.
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and you can be the judge if that's how you dreamed him. also, a heart-stopping scene off the waters of cape cod. look at this, a clueless dad kayaking with his kids, when they scream "shark, shark." but he doesn't look until a nearby surfer flags him down. >> i saw the shark. i looked back and that's when the shark was right behind me. i saw the fin and i figured this is it or i'm going to paddle in. >> and paddle like crazy he did. by the way, the experts blame the sharks near cape cod on a huge spike in the seal population there. the equivalent of a dinner bell for great whites. coming up here, the agony of defeat. josh elliott in an epic moment after an epic showdown. elliott in an epic moment after an epic showdown. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection,
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or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. and finally, there was a mythic kind of showdown this weekend. maybe you saw the epic. match at wimbledon with steely tennis legend roger federer versus a snappy hometown hero andy murray. there was some thrill, there was that agony. also a reminder that sometimes it's more than a game. here's abc's josh elliott. >> reporter: as he stared across
5:56 pm
the net, and a kingdom's legacy of sporting misfortune andy murray saw just how impossible his task was. a win from a wimbledon title, and so much more. murray saw roger federer the greatest player to ever wield a racket. and that impossible task seemed even more so. for almost 80 years, no british man had ever won his sport's grandest prize on his home turf. and for murray, a taciturn scot not given to overt emotional displays a wimbledon fortnight became an annual torture. until this year. but standing between murray and history was federer. he'd gone more than two years since last winning a grand slam and was no longer his sport's dominant force. and sunday, the swiss star would face thousands, attacking wimbledon's most hallowed
5:57 pm
ground, going to pieces for one of their even. and so they did especially after murray won the first set borne by thousands an hand and so many more watching in places such as this pub in murray's hometown of dublane. but murray would fall apart history weight, too heavy. federer's precision, too blistering. in the end, the tears of joy were federer's, matched by the heartbreak of murray. >> i'm going to try this and it's not going to be easy. >> reporter: as he thanks his fellow subjects for what had almost been. >> the support has been incredible, so thank you. >> reporter: and still in victory and defeat, these two men seem to share something greater. a gift for all who love the simplicity of sport. for that's all we ask of our athletes, that they care as much as we do. and who could argue that wasn't exactly true. not to worry about andy murray. in tennis as in life, you have to lose these matches, diane, before you win them.
5:58 pm
>> he will be back. i want everybody watching to know that josh and our friend lara spencer, did their premiere show of "good afternoon america." today, it's on weekdays at 2:00 eastern. hope you'll tune in tomorrow. thanks for watching. i'll be back tomorrow night. next at 6:00 a major development in the high profile murder case of a suspect that of a suspect is now under arrest. >> san francisco mayor ed lee responds to the perjuriy allegation against him in the ross mirkarimi investigation. >> and police are looking for
5:59 pm
a gunman that opened fire in front of a busy theet year governor brown's project gets a big thumbs up today from a top member of the obama administration. >> good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> there is a big break in a san francisco murder case. >> the man that police have been hunting for more than four years is now in custody. police say this man killed three members of the bologna naem a case of mistaken identity. and vic lee has been on top of the story and in the newsroom with the developments. >> there is a jury convicted the ru peted -- reputed ms 13 gang member for the murder. police were loose ls looking for


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